Which is better for changing the oil: a dealership or an independent chain?

Answer On One Hand: On one hand: The Dealership Knows your CarA quick glance in your owner's manual will reveal that the manufacturer of your vehicle recommends having service and maintenance performed at... Read More »

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Which plan is better ,Thinking of changing my internet plan would liuke your opinion?

I don't know the best answer.Firstly is it the same company ?Are you off contract ?If you are off contract then I would try the cheapest option for a month or two & see how it goes.Most company's w... Read More »

Which American Idol star was featured in a Speed Chain on today's first Chain Reaction?

Changing a Drive Sprocket on a Husqvarna Chain Saw?

The drive sprocket on a Husqvarna chain saw sits inside the clutch assembly. Its main function, along with the clutch drum, needle bearing and washer, is to connect the clutch with the guide bar an... Read More »

Is it better to get your eyeglasses done at a non-chain place?

He's probably right. I tried getting glasses at Walmart. They made them wrong. I returned them 3 times, before finally getting my money back and going elsewhere