Which is better, directv or cable?

Answer far..!! I have experienced the dish situation..Lost signal in a high wind or storm, lost it during snow..You need a box for every TV, and many of the channels were obviously 'compressed' ... Read More »

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What cable is better DirecTV or comcast?

Which is better, your audio from a optical cable or a hdmi cable?

Digital is digital; as long as the signal is getting from one end of the cable to the other, it's as good as it can be. Many people here are are confusing a digital audio signal with an analog aud... Read More »

Which is better for me, monitor with vga cable hd xbox cable, or my lcd tv which is with hdmi and 1080i?

Which has more hd programming cable or directv?

DirecTV does and has far more bandwidth to add HD channels. (remember DirecTV is transmitting local stations for like 50 markets in the US, at 4 per city, that alone is 200 channels they have up an... Read More »