Which is better coaxial or hdmi?

Answer HDMI is a pure digital signal for video AND audio. It's the best you can get. Component is the next best option for video, but most upscaling DVD players and the like can only send a 1080p signal v... Read More »

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Is the HDMI cable coaxial?

No.HDMI cable uses a 19-pin connector for twisted pair connections that carry video, audio and control in digital format.

Do you need a coaxial cable with HDMI?

A coaxial cable is not necessary to connect two HDMI-ready devices with an HDMI cable. That said, a coaxial cable is necessary for devices such as a digital cable box that receive the digital telev... Read More »

How to Connect HDMI to Coaxial Cable?

Because of differences between the signals carried by HDMI (digital) and coaxial (analog) cables, a single cable solution does not exist to connect HDMI to coaxial cable. For transferring between t... Read More »

How to Connect a VCR Coaxial Cable to an HDMI Connector DVR System?

An HDMI cable is a high-definition transport cable that sends both HD audio and video signals from one electronic device to another. If you have a DVR with an HDMI connector, it supports HD recordi... Read More »