Which is better, chewing coca leaf or drinking coca tea?

Answer Coca tea is not bad but I like Matcha tea which has been recognized as one of the most powerful health beverages around. While we’ve known for years about how powerful green tea is, Matcha Tea be... Read More »

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How addictive is chewing coca leaves?

I would think it is less addicting then snorting the processed version but still holds a strong pull on the "chew-ee.'

Is drinking Coca-Cola everyday bad for you?

IS filling your gas tank with sand bad for your car?

Why do I always get stomach ache when drinking coca cola zero?

As a matter of fact, I was surprised myself when they first released Coca Cola Zero, claiming it to be healthier and safer then the original Coca Cola, although I knew someone would ask this questi... Read More »

Surfing the net drinking my bottle of coke begs the question coca cola or pepsi?

COKE!! all the way...i have a friend whos obssesed with coke, no exaggeration! She drinks 2 liters a day and has every possible coke thing there is!