Which is better, cascade ice or crystal light?

Answer Clearly Cascade "Comple" =)

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How much sugar does Crystal Light have in it?

It says 0 grams of it has 0 grams of sugar. Not rocket science here.

Is crystal light good for you?

On One Hand: It May Promote Weight LossCrystal Light is a low calorie drink manufactured by Kraft Foods and sold as a low calorie beverage containing no sugar, no carbohydrates, no fat and no sugar... Read More »

Who makes Crystal Light?

Crystal Light is a sugar-free drink made by Kraft Foods. The beverage comes in many flavors including lemonade, pineapple orange, cranberry apple, strawberry kiwi and white grape. Crystal Light als... Read More »

Does Crystal Light have carbs?

Many Crystal Light products have no carbohydrates such as Crystal Light On The Go packets. The ones that do contain carbs have only a small amount. For example, the Crystal Light Pure Fitness packe... Read More »