Which is better--cable, satellite or antenna?

Answer On One Hand: High-Definition Programming ChoicesWith a rooftop antenna, even a new HD-ready antenna, your television will receive only channels and programming from within your local region. This a... Read More »

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Which is better, cable tv or satellite?

Depends on what your television needs are.Cable is good if you don't watch a lot of TV and are trying to keep costs down because packages start really low.If you want to get a lot of HD channels, i... Read More »

Which Is Better: Cable or Satellite?

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I don't have cable nor satellite TV, can I receive HD TV signal using regular indoor antenna?

Yes and NO !! No, you can't use a "regular" indoor antenna for HDTV reception -but YES- you can purchase an antenna specifically made for receiving Network HDTV programs.Terk makes a good HDTV ante... Read More »

What's better,cable or satellite ?