Which is better broadband or fiber optic connection ?

Answer They are the same thing. Fiber optic cables carry information across the country. The cables that the internet is built upon are fiber optic.If you are asking the difference between Verizon FiOS an... Read More »

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Is there a difference between 100 mbps Fiber optic VS broadband cable?

100 Mbps is 100 Mbps, no matter who offers it.100 MPH in a Honda is the same as 100 MPH in a Ford.Edit: Oh, you're in Canada, maybe your cars don't go MPH. You guys use KPH, right? ;)

I have 30MB Fiber Optic virgin media connection. Why do I lag?

Wireless is a poor choice for gaming to begin with. I would NEVER set up a stationary device on a wireless connection. To much interference. Plumbing, house wiring, appliances, duct work, older dry... Read More »

Is digital Coax better or Fiber optic?

For home use you could go either way but if for some reason your running a line 50+ ft long fiber optic is slightly better because it the signal loss is smaller

Which type of internet connection is best Dial up or broadband?