Which is better baths or showers?

Answer Everyone has their say, showers for getting clean and baths for relaxation or if you are sick like the chicken pox! .

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Do u prefer showers or baths?

Bathtub vs Showers: Which is better?

It depends. For cleaning purposes, a shower is definitely better than a bath where one is basically marinating in one's own filth. However, I have to agree with an earlier poster who stated someth... Read More »

Is it true that hot baths or showers are not good for anyone?

No, espcially not hot showers, they aren't bad ofr you unless you are actually burnt by them.Your bf is probably thinking of advice given to blokes (apparently TRUE) that hot baths damage sperm. Sp... Read More »

How to Remove Copper Stains from Baths and Showers?

If your local water has a high copper content, it can leave blue-green stains on the shower and/or bath areas. Here is what to do to remove these marks.