Apple Muffin Blueberry Croissant Or Apple Turnover Which from this list do you like better?

Answer Apple muffin, though the blueberry croissant sounds gorgeous too!

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I'm thinking of buying a new computer. which is best or which do you recommend. Microsoft OR apple?

OK, first you have to decide what you want to do. So here is a checklist, and which would be better for that. - too lazy to do maintenance - Apple- games - Windows (Apple would really suck at thi... Read More »

What is Better Microsoft or apple?

Unlike Apple, Microsoft has a much bigger arena: programming (.NET Platform, Visual Studio.NET etal etal), database (SQL Server etal), Office suites, business solutions (CRM, Exchange, BizTalk, MS ... Read More »

What Do You Think Is Better...Apple Or Microsoft?

Roku vs Apple TV which is better for $$?

I would go with Apple tv since ypou have an ipad and iphone that way you can also stream stuff from your iphone/ipad on your tv. weather your watching nexflix, playing a game, or using some other a... Read More »