Which is better android or iphone?

Answer I have a iPod Touch and an Android phone and I prefer Android. Android has more customization like live wallpapers, widgets, a home screen iOS is much more restricted you couldn't until iOS 4 whe... Read More »

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Which is better the iPhone or the android?

There's more or less the same difference between Android and iPhone as between PC and Mac: PC / Android: Freedom + Not so good looking Mac / iPhone: No freedom (at all) + Elegant Take into consi... Read More »

Which is better iPhone or android?

I think the iPhone is better because it never crashes, never gets destroyed with malicious software, is easy to download media onto, and it just works.Anroid may have some cool features, but Apple ... Read More »

Which is better iPhone or android phone?

In the end, it all depends on what you use a smartphone for. If media capture, download, and playback is what you want, then iPhone is definitely superior.Android Phones, however, are sometimes far... Read More »

Which is better iPhone 4S or the android phone?

The 64 gigabyte 4s takes 8 megapixel photos. They average around 5 megabytes in size. This amounts to a capacity in the ball park of about ten-thousand photos.