Which is better an lcd or dlp projector?

Answer On One Hand: LCD ProjectorsLCD projectors are known to produce better saturation of color and a sharper image. The technology used in LCD projectors allows them to operate with less power than DLP.... Read More »

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I want to buy a projector. Which type is better nowadays: LCD or DLP?

Trust me when I tell you that getting a DLP projector is a better buy. Not only do I work with them but I used to build the chipsets for both technologies. The finished DLP product will be more ver... Read More »

How to get better projector quality?

A mini-pocket projector won't do it. I suggest you get something better with more brightness and sharp visuals. Brightness is measured in ANSI lumens in projector specs. The higher the brightness, ... Read More »

What are the better 3d glasses to get for a projector?

Buy whatever is recommended in the manual.

Whats better tv projector or flat screen tv?

Well better is subjective but generally the smaller the picture the better the resolution and picture quality. As the picture gets bigger it will show more flaws in the program material."But" with... Read More »