Which is better, an iPod or a Zune?

Answer Just compare the number of people who buy iPods to those who buy Zunes... The market speaks quite clearly as to which product is better :)

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What is better a zune or an ipod im sure its a zune?

Zune. I had both and i just wasn't happy with my iPod.

Which is better Ipod or Zune ?

Zune is great. Depends whether you like the whole "iPod = status" or "Zune = free-thinker" thing. Totally up to you. the ipod customer service, however, is the downside. you have to wait in li... Read More »

Which one is better, the Zune or Ipod?

ipod because zune pass doesnt allow you to keep the songs whereas itunes, you own your songs

Zune or ipod?

Zune. Better hardware, easier interface, better battery, and better service.iPods are infamous for not having reliability and durability.iPods have been criticized for their short life-span, fragi... Read More »