Which is better, an inkjet or thermal inkjet?

Answer On One Hand: Inkjet Printers Are SuperiorThermal inkjet printers use heat to expand the ink for printing, while inkjet printers (also called piezoelectric printers) use an electrical pulse for the ... Read More »

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Which is better: inkjet or laser?

On One Hand: Laser PrintersAt first glance, laser printers are generally more expensive to purchase than inkjet printers. However, after factoring in the cost of ink/toner refills, the laser printe... Read More »

Which is better for printing Inkjet or laser printers?

By printing do you mean letters and text documents?If high quality text is required, then go with Laser by all means. But for everyday text printing, Inkjet is more economical.But for photo's, Inkj... Read More »

Thermal Inkjet Vs. Laser?

All thermal inkjet and the laser printers will print characters on paper, but they do so in very different ways. Choosing between the two technologies comes down to differences in printing cost and... Read More »

What Is Thermal Inkjet?

HP and Canon developed a printing technique called "Thermal Inkjet". When the printer is engaged, a metal plate heats, causing the ink to raise its temperature to boiling, thus forcing it out thro... Read More »