Which is better, an AMD processor or Intel processor?

Answer On One Hand: First, There is Intel.So, you're in the market for a new computer and wondering which kind of processor you should acquire. Your decision starts with the following question: What is im... Read More »

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AMD Processor or Intel Processor , which is better ?

they are both good, so let your budget be your guide, if you can get more computer with an AMD setup over an intel, it's worth looking at, i only buy AMD for myself

Which processor is better AMD or Intel?

Performance:Like many others I was caught up in the hype surrounding the "Thoroughbred" 0.13 micron AthlonXP based processor. I honestly thought it would bring AMD back into the spotlight and allow... Read More »

Which processor is better Intel?

Pentium is always the premium processor. Their latest innovation is the dual core Pentium that utilizes dual processing for applications and programs. This makes the programs run even faster beca... Read More »

Which processor is better in a computer, Intel or AMD?

Generally its a "Ford vs. Chevy" debate for the most part; its all a matter of taste.Unless you are an uber gamer that wants to spend thousands upon thousands for a rig, then overclocking and water... Read More »