Which is better, a labtop or an mp3 player?

Answer Laptop--it will play MP3 files and do so much more. An MP3 player will do only that, play MP3 files.

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What is the best brand for a labtop?

I am not sure about the best, but dont buy an HP!! I have had mine for just over one year and have had to send it back twice for three seperate problems, and just recently the speaker "blew". I w... Read More »

How do i get picture on to my labtop?

You should have the SD card in the camera. Then you take the cable that you connect to your camera, and plug it in the USB outlet on your computer.A popup window will open and you should be able t... Read More »

I bought a new mouse and my labtop is?

Either used the driver disc that was possibly provided with the mouse, or go to the website of the device you purchased and download the driver. Another option, restart the computer with the hardw... Read More »

My hp labtop wont charge?

Actually, the problem is probably your battery. You can buy a new battery separately (though they're not that cheap) instead of buying a new computer, and you'll see that it's easy to replace.