Which is better, a hybrid or a gas engine?

Answer On One Hand: Hybrids are More Energy EfficientHybrid engines tend to get better miles per gallon than gasoline engines. Hybrids also have fewer harmful emissions and thus are better for the environ... Read More »

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Which hybrid car is better?

On One Hand: Toyota PriusAccording to Consumer Search, the Toyota Prius is the best hybrid car because it is the most fuel efficient. It is also the best-selling hybrid in the U.S. and has the best... Read More »

Which is the better small engine?

Honda is good but i go with Briggs. Briggs is made in the USA I use to have a farm I like BriggsI use to repair Small engine

Which search engine is better Yahoo or Google?

Search for apple in yahoo and google:Google: 539,000,000 resultsYahoo: 1,110,000,000 resultsConclusion: Yahoo gives more results

Yahoo vs google.. which is better as a search engine?

--- When people ask questions on YA what is one of the first things people say? Did you Google it? It isn't number one without a reason. it's faster and does and provides better "more accurate" sea... Read More »