Which is better, a 529 or an educational IRA?

Answer On One Hand: 529 Account AdvantagesBased on a 2002 law, withdrawals from a 529 are 100 percent tax free, which is a large advantage. In addition, there isn't a yearly limit on what can be invested ... Read More »

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What is a fun but educational way to do this?

It depends on how young. I looked her would need to keep it simple.Start with a picture of her and explain how she was a very kind woman. She was very kind to the indians and blacks (whe... Read More »

What is an educational assistant?

Often referred to as a teacher's aide or instructional aide, an educational assistant performs a variety of duties within the classroom, working alongside the classroom teacher and supporting him t... Read More »

How are educational evaluations used?

Education evaluations assess some portion or feature of the education system. The evaluation might appraise a teacher, a class, or more broadly, a school or school system.FunctionThe purpose of the... Read More »

Where are all the RN's I need help.. not medical, but educational...?

Many community colleges offer a program leading to an RN. Some states license Licensed Practical Nurses after a year of so of training and a test. Then you can work in the field and see if you like... Read More »