Which is better TANG or SUNNY D?

Answer Sunny D is hands down the best.

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How to Do the Wu Tang Dance?

"The Wu-Tang" is a dance that came straight out of Philadelphia, by DJ Freak Nasty. It was a response to New York's "Chicken Noodle Soup," and Los Angeles' "Crunk Dancing". Most importantly, it is ... Read More »

Is Wu Tang a martial art?

Yes. "Wu Tang" is a Westernized spelling of "Wudang" or "Wudang Chuan," a school of Chinese martial arts developed during the Ming Dynasty. Wudang is grounded in defense tactics and spiritual enlig... Read More »

How can i make tang by myself?

Ahhhh....Tang. That's some good stuff.I think that Sunny Delight tried to copy (unsuccessfully) that taste.It..wait...what was your question? (I was in a Tang dream)Oh...I'm sorry No ... Read More »

How to Do Tang Soo Do Basic Form Two?

If you practice Tang Soo Do Karate, this is your second form called Keecho Hyung Ee Bu. Each step is performed in the front stance, each punch is to the face and each block is a high block as if so... Read More »