Which is better: Sony blu ray or Toshiba HD DVD?

Answer On One Hand: A Proven Format or Novelty?When first introduced, Blu-ray disc and HD DVD formats were competing video formats. Toshiba developed the HD DVD format, while the Blu-ray disc association ... Read More »

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40 inch TV, Toshiba or Sony?

If you can afford I would recommend Sony .Good quality and great picture.…Toshiba is a decent brand with cheaper price.If you want to save money it is a go... Read More »

Which is the better brand: toshiba or sony?

As an avid gamer, I prefer Toshiba. Sony makes some good stuff, but in some areas they've really been declining. I suppose if you are just using it for schoolwork, media storage, and netsurfing, ... Read More »

How do I Connect a Toshiba 47WLT66A to a Sony PS3?

The Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console allows users to play games and watch Blu-ray movies at resolutions up to 1080p. The PS3 is compatible with both standard-definition and high-definition TVs. In... Read More »

Why are Toshiba LED TVs much cheaper than Samsung, LG, or Sony?

you know quality always comes with a price, Are you going a TV and afterwards run to their service centers every now and then.If your answer is yes, then go ahead with Toshiba.