Which is better; Odwalla or Naked?

Answer I enjoy both brands as well. You can compare them both online on their website, but they are very similar.Both of them have Superfood/Green Monster drinks (my personal favorite) so I decided to com... Read More »

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Which is better (Urban Decay): Naked or Naked 2?

Naked 1. I bought it about a month ago as my first high end pallet. Didn't regret it one bit. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Which band is better Jonas brothers or Naked brothers band?

thier gay (the naked brothers band) the younger one is a complete brat. And the older one is a skater douche

Which magnitude would appear brightest to the naked eye?

The brightest magnitude depends on what you are seeing and is theoretically an unlimited negative number. The brightest star, Sirius, is a magnitude -1.4. The brightest planet, Venus, shines at mag... Read More »

Is odwalla carrot juice as good as fresh?

In regards to the first question, no, it is not.In regards to carrot juice, it is about as nutritionally valuable as sugar water. Take out the fiber, take out the goodness. EAT YOUR VEGETABLES.