Which is better Mozilla Fire Fox or Google Chrome?

Answer Internet Explorer :trollface:

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Which is best, GOOGLE CHROME or IE8 or MoZiLLA?

No need for you to install only one internet browser. Mmm..I think you at least should have Mozilla Firefox and IE8 on your computer. IE8 is not really useful browser for me, not user friendly and ... Read More »

Google Chrome or mozilla?

I like Firefox. I used to use Internet Explorer, but I won't touch that after switching to Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome?

chromei like google chrome for the following reasons:1) It provides more screen space for browsing than firefox.2) Google searching is done from the address bar itself which is more convienient.3) ... Read More »

Google chrome and mozilla crashed!!?

You need to advise what the 'heavy stuff' is that you downloaded. Maybe it was some virus riddled software that Chrome and Firefox would not open/run to protect not only your computer, but itself ... Read More »