Which is better: DSL or cable modem?

Answer On One Hand: DSL: Speed, Benefits, and DisadvantagesDSL is capable of download speeds from 163 kilobytes per second to 5.2 megabytes per second, according to An added benefit is DSL's us... Read More »

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Prefer wireless Internet or cable modem...and which is the better value for the money?

I am totally loving my wireless connection. You are free to roam around the house with your laptop. I was able to show my parents and sisters my new house inside and outside(they live in a differen... Read More »

Which of the following cables carry the signal from a cable modem to a PC is it a RCA cable hdmi ethernet or coaxial?

Which is better, your audio from a optical cable or a hdmi cable?

Digital is digital; as long as the signal is getting from one end of the cable to the other, it's as good as it can be. Many people here are are confusing a digital audio signal with an analog aud... Read More »

Which is better for me, monitor with vga cable hd xbox cable, or my lcd tv which is with hdmi and 1080i?