Which is better Canon or Nikon?

Answer Nikon is all right, but Kodachrome gives us those nice bright colors, gives us the greens of summers... makes you think all the world's a sunny day.

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Which better Nikon or Canon?

It comes down to personal preference where some may like how Nikon feels in their hands or how the layout of the Nikon Cameras are. Vice Verse on Canon Cameras.Nikon fans would be saying to get Nik... Read More »

Which is better Canon or Nikon?

I really don't think you would go wrong with either. I however am a Nikon person since the 70's and have had great results from these cameras. Every Nikon I have bought for over 30 years still func... Read More »

Canon or Nikon Which one is better?

Generally speaking - Canon VS NikonBoth brands are fantastic - brand loyalty attests to that. Every Canon owner will tell you to buy Canon, every Nikon owner will tell you to buy Nikon. That alone ... Read More »

Canon and nikon which is better ?

Between the Nikon D50 and the Canon 350D, the Canon is the better camera. It has more features, more megapixels, and in extreme low light situations it provides better image quality. On the flip si... Read More »