Which is "better," Alcohol or Weed?

Answer weed! it doesn't make you violent, doesn't give you such a bad hangover (mild if anything) and will make you giggle not cry and start arguments. Just don't overdo it or you'll feel poorly

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Can you mix weed & alcohol?

Here's what I noticed about that. If I drank a bunch first and then smoked I would black out and act the fool. If I smoked first and then drank it was awesome.But yeah, either way it's safe. Aft... Read More »

Weed Or Alcohol Which Is Better?

If you think weed is worse than alcohol and the only reason you can give to back that up is the fact that weed is illegal, then you are definitely retarded. If you look at how both effect you physi... Read More »

Which is less harmful to you...Alcohol or Weed?

Neither. They are both very harmful for you the only difference is alcohol is legal and weed is not.

Which is worse, alcohol or weed?