Which is best lcd television 32 inches in samsung , sony,philips or LG?

Answer whichever type you buy make sure it has connection to plug in from computer on set this way if you have computer near tv you can use as moniter and watch movies and television free from computer

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Compare samsung or Phillips television which brand is better?

Which offers the best overall picture quality - high-end Samsung or Panasonic plasma or Samsung LED?

Panasonic Plasma, hands down. Plasma delivers more vivid colors, truer blacks, and deeper contrast to LCD, even LED LCD. Panasonic Viera Plasmas or Pioneer Kuro Elite Plasmas are the go to choice... Read More »

I am thinking to buy a Television.Which Company would u suggest.SONY or LG or SAMSUNG?

Samsungs are the bottom of the barrel, poor support, unreliable. I can almost guarentee that any samsung tv will break right after warranty.We have a Phillips pos in my shop right now, its 3 days o... Read More »

Which is the best brand for buying 32 inches LCD TV?

First, you need to ask yourself how much you are willing to spend. If you're in the expensive range (800-1500) then Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips and Panasonic are the TVs you would like to look at. N... Read More »