Which is best hd ready or full hd?

Answer HD the resolution of HD Ready is often lower than FULL HD and the HD tuner is missing. The latter is not important if you are going to watch Sky because the SKY box replaces the tuner function. How... Read More »

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What HD ready and HD full for?

HD ready is all setup for HD stuff and Full HD is 1080p. also known as full HD An HD ready set does not have it's own tuner. The best HD tv sets do have their own built in tuners and include the nu... Read More »

Which TV: HD Ready or Full HD?

HD ready concerns the ability of television receivers to display high-definition pictures. In the USA, "HD Ready" refers to any display that is capable of accepting and displaying a high definition... Read More »

What is better a HD ready TV or a full HD TV?

yes, HD ready means lower resolution than full HD. full HD is capable of 1080 pixels whereas HD ready is only capable of 720 pixels.

What is the difference of a hd ready tv and a full hd tv?

The HD Ready TV will need a OUTBOARD TUNER such as a DirecTV box or a Cable TV box to act as the missing tuner. A full HDTV already has a High Def. tuner installed or built in. Also:'Hd ready' only... Read More »