Which is best for anxiety: beta blockers or benzodiazepines?

Answer On One Hand: Benzodiazepines Are Very EffectiveAccording to the Center for Substance Abuse Research, "The human nervous system has two different types of benzodiazepine receptors: one that causes t... Read More »

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Beta 1 Blockers Vs. Beta 2 Blockers?

There are several different types of beta blockers. Each has a different action and effect on the body. Though commonly prescribed, they should not be taken lightly. Interactions with other drug... Read More »

Are beta blockers good?

On One Hand: Beta Blockers Help Multiple ConditionsAccording to the Mayo Clinic, beta blockers can treat several conditions, such as high blood pressure, glaucoma and migraines. They can also be us... Read More »

Can beta blockers deactivate brown fat?

On One Hand: Beta Blockers Decrease Brown FatBeta blockers are mostly prescribed to cardiac patients; they have been known to significantly decrease--if not eliminate--brown fat in the body. Brown ... Read More »

Beta Blockers and Weight Loss?

In clinical trials of Toprol-XL, gradual weight gain was not reported by those taking the drug. However, gradual weight gain is a possible side effect of all beta blockers. If you experience rapid ... Read More »