Feeling disoriented yet again..?

Answer You need water - you're dehydrated. And the NyQuil you're drinking like Kool-Aid isn't helping.Water is the most important substance your body needs to live. It is the transportation device that ge... Read More »

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Disoriented and Diabetic Cat?

Disorientation in diabetic cats is a sign of hypoglycemia, which means low blood sugar levels. Sugar is a cat's source of energy and helps brain function. When a cat's blood sugar becomes too low i... Read More »

Is frindle a real word?

"Frindle" is not an actual word. Author Andrew Clements coined the term, a substitution for the word "pen," in 1990, six years before his first novel (called "Frindle") was released. "Frindle" the ... Read More »

What is the real word for the chef's apron?

According to the Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion, "apron" comes from the French word naperon meaning small tablecloth. Chef's aprons come in a variety of different sizes and styles including b... Read More »

When does season 2 of the real L word start?