Which is a more reliable tv brand out of Toshiba or Samsung?

Answer i really trusted samsung so much until i bought a camcorder made by them. it never lasted a year. On the whole I hate to admit but i think they are better than Toshiba

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Which is a more quality brand, Samsung or Sony in t.v.s.?

Anyone who's ever worked on the two and has a functioning brain is going to pick Sony every time. Why? Because the asker asked which has more quality and, while Samsung is just beginning to learn w... Read More »

Which brand of coffee maker is most reliable?

For reliability and better-tasting coffee, get a Bunn. They make them for industrial, commercial, AND home use. Our home-use Bunn coffee maker works GREAT and we've never had a single problem wit... Read More »

Which is the better brand: toshiba or sony?

As an avid gamer, I prefer Toshiba. Sony makes some good stuff, but in some areas they've really been declining. I suppose if you are just using it for schoolwork, media storage, and netsurfing, ... Read More »

Which is more reliable; Mirror or Camera?

First to clear the wrong concept - Mirror doesn't reverse the image. If it did you'll be seeing yourself upside down. It's just that you are seeing yourself from the front and so it 'appears' rever... Read More »