Which is a more quality brand, Samsung or Sony in t.v.s.?

Answer Anyone who's ever worked on the two and has a functioning brain is going to pick Sony every time. Why? Because the asker asked which has more quality and, while Samsung is just beginning to learn w... Read More »

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Which brand Sony or Samsung?

They will be happy with either, however, IMHO, Samsung has the edge on value.

Which is a better lcd tv brand.. Samsung lcd tv or sony lcd tv?

Sony is clearly the better brand if you want to purchase the best Brand. Normally any best Brand is not the most economical or the best bargain. Even within the Sony HDTV there is also a Best Model... Read More »

Which Brand Blu-Ray Player (Sony, Samsung, or Panasonic)?

pioneer due to its better than sony, panasonic and samsung but i would get a ps3 if you was wanting a multi-media blu-ray player games console

Which brand uses best hardware in androids htc,sony,samsung?

lg,sony,htc is best i have already told you that samsung is totally a fraud company believe me,i have used samsung galaxy s3,it frequently hangs