Which is a more difficult physique to attain : Bruce Lee or Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Answer it really depends on ur body type to begin with. Some guys are bulkier while others are leaner.A lot of guys who are bulkier use steroids, But just because you juice does NOT mean that you get mus... Read More »

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How to Get Arnold Schwarzenegger's Style?

International bodybuilding champion, mega movie star, multimillionaire and governor of the United States' most populous state, Arnold Schwarzenegger is easily one of the most successful men of his ... Read More »

What does Arnold Schwarzenegger say about gun locks?

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is a supporter of Second Amendment gun rights but believes that all safety measures should be taken, including the use of gun locks, to avoid accidental sh... Read More »

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger a Democrat or Republican?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Republican. He was originally elected governor of California in 2003 and re-elected in 2006. In his 2004 address to the Republican National Convention, Schwarzenegger sta... Read More »

Does he look like Arnold Schwarzenegger - future Terminator?

Hell no. Only Arnold Schwarzenegger can play Terminator. There should be a law.