Which is a good lcd tv sony bravia v300 or samsung r8?

Answer I think sony is the best choice.

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Which lcd is better samsung full HD LA 32B530 or Sony Bravia KLV 32ex300?

Samsung will beat Sony picture quality any day.

Which TV is better LCD or Plasma and which one is good Sony, Samsung Etc.?

They both have there pro's and con's, it really depends on your needs. You can find a guide here:…That should tell you everything you need to know. Your on... Read More »

I am planning to buy an LCD TV. What could be better- SONY BRAVIA or SAMSUNG or PHILIPS?

Sony HDTV is a superior addition to the famous XBR line, featuring a unique LED powered LCD screen that's surprisingly lightweight. I highly recommended sony hdtv!

Which is better sony bravia 3d tv 40" or samsungs 40" 3d tv?

I would rather recommend you to wait as the prices are high and you might get more options with more companies entering in the product category. Also the 3D content availability is relatively less ... Read More »