Which is a better soap: Dial or Safeguard?

Answer On One Hand: Not All Dial Soap is AntibacterialAntibacterial soaps, wipes and sanitizers are all around, but every day there is mounting evidence showing they do not always do a better job than reg... Read More »

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How to See "Dial" from Inside the Bar of Soap?

When you start a new bar of Dial soap you might ask yourself "What would the 'Dial' look like from the inside of the bar?" You might think that you could just hold the soap in front of a mirror but... Read More »

Who invented Dial soap?

Robert E. Casely, a chemist, invented Dial soap. Casely was the first to use a bacteria-killing germicide in soap. Other soaps used a substance that would prevent perspiration from breaking down i... Read More »

What Is Dial Soap Made Of?

Dial® soap was introduced in 1948 as a soap that will clean and fight body odor. Now available in bar, liquid and body wash varieties, the classic gold bar is still on the market today. ... Read More »

What is in Dial Antibacterial Soap?

The active ingredient in Dial Antibacterial Soap is triclosan, which is the antibacterial agent. The inactive ingredients are as follows: water, sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, dec... Read More »