Which is a better digital camera sony t100 or canon 900ti?

Answer Sony quality overpasses canon quality nowadays... however, canon 900ti is better than Sony t100.>

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Does anyone know a site where in i can see sample images the sony t100 and canon 900ti have taken?

There aren't any available for the Sony yet but here is a site you should check from time to time:…And for the Canon try this one: Read More »

Which is a better digital camera: sony or canon?

On One Hand: Canon Rates HigherThe Canon SD800 and Sony T50 represent each brand's standard digital camera. combined reviews from CNET, Cameras Co. UK and Imaging Resource, and the Cano... Read More »

Which digital camera brand is better sony or canon?

Canon, because Sony uses their own special memory stick that you can only use with Sony, and its ANNOYING. But Canon uses a SD card which is much more universal.And anyway the canon cameras are bet... Read More »

Which Digital Camera is better Canon, Nikon or Sony?

CANON XSi, The best out of the cameras overallNikon D60, No negs, Better than the D80 for less the priceSont A350, Not work the price, Shutter response is too slow.