Which is a better color for an iPhone case black or blue?

Answer blue

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Black vs Red Case for Black iPHone?

Hard to say. My black iPod had a red case with black inserts (Otter Defender), and our white iPhones have a black case with black inserts and a gray case with white inserts (all Otters). The blac... Read More »

What color does a blue topaz turn under a black light?

Blue topaz is one of the most popular gemstones in the world today, and synthetic forms of it are common. When viewed under longwave U.V. light (ultraviolet or black light), blue topaz may exhibit ... Read More »

Which mobile portable document scanner that copies color blue as well as black?

At, we primarily deal with receipts and business documents, but people store anything from old photos to recipes to their kids' drawings. I have talked to many customers who are very ... Read More »

What color might my hair turn out if I dye Manic Panic blue over Faded brown black?

It will still be dark, but it will have that tint of blue to it, you know? Black doesn't go far with anything.