Which is a better college, Julliard, or Manhatten school of music ?

Answer They are both great, my sister went to both for viola, BA at Manhatten and MA at Julliard. It really depends on who will be your teachers. I recomend visiting both and meeting with your potential i... Read More »

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What places are hireing in manhatten or brooklyn rite now?

these are the correct spellings :hiring ... manhattan ... rightand your grammer is HORRIBLE !!....that's why you can't get a job !!

Brooklyn or manhatten jobs in retail...wat are sum places hiringrite now?

Plenty of places, but they'll all likely pay minimum wage, and are likely in malls orRetail? Try fast foods , big box stores like Target , Best Buy , and Walmart-

Which school is better, College du leman or International School of Geneva?

Both are excellent private schools and be aware they are not free of charge.Which one to chose also depends what you intend to do after school since they are not identical in what they teach just c... Read More »

School Activities in High School & College?

An important part of high school for many students is thinking about and preparing for the next big step in their life: college. Although high-school academic performance, ACT and SAT test scores a... Read More »