Which is a better college, Julliard, or Manhatten school of music ?

Answer They are both great, my sister went to both for viola, BA at Manhatten and MA at Julliard. It really depends on who will be your teachers. I recomend visiting both and meeting with your potential i... Read More »

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Which school is better, College du leman or International School of Geneva?

Both are excellent private schools and be aware they are not free of charge.Which one to chose also depends what you intend to do after school since they are not identical in what they teach just c... Read More »

Which college is better than the other between seneca or humber college for tourism and travel programs?

Yes. It depends on the items and if you have proof of their value.Yes. It depends on the items and if you have proof of their value.

Which sub is better for music/movies?

Those Subs require an amp with an LFE output, But it also requires other speakers and Not the cheap computer speakers that you currently have. So those subs will not work with what you are trying t... Read More »

Smartphone vs. Ipad: Which is better for college student?

Eh stuck to your laptop and smartphone. iPad wouldn't make it easier