Which is a better camera sony cyber-shot dscw270b or canon powershot a480 s digital camera I'm Taking A College Photography Course And Have Narrowed Down My Options To these Two Cameras. Please Help?

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How many pictures can the canon powershot A480 10MP digital camera hold?

it depends on the memory card. I have this particular camera and I don't think it has internal memory. I have an 8gig memory card,and it was full at about 2200 pics. Hope I helped. ~Scorpy

Which is better a sony cyber shot dscw270b or a canon ixus 100 is?

What is the result of Sony cyber shot DSC W570 digital camera?

ask your question a different wayI don't understand what you mean

Why aren't my pictures on my Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera anymore?

All I did was change the name of the pictures and now they don't show up on my camera. The SD card is definetly showing that the pictures are stored on it. Help?