Which is a better buy an i-POD touch i-POD nano i-POD 30gb?

Answer If your looking for cost a ipod nano for sure but really it depends on your needs, i pod touch you buy if your looking for a web browser playing games AND music. i pod nano for some music (now a ca... Read More »

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Im debating on whether to get an ipod nano or an iPod touch. Which would be better to get?

Both are awesome and both work great but you need to find out what are features you are looking for. If you think most of the time you wont be within Wi-Fi area then dont get Touch get NanoIf you t... Read More »

What is better the iPod Nano or Touch?

Ipod touch baby!!!! The only downside is that the iPod touch is more expensive. I wouldn't get the 8gb iPod touch though. if you want 8gb i would get the iPod nano. Because the iPod 8gb touch can ... Read More »

Whats Better To Buy Out Of These Ipods Touch Nano Or classic?

the classic is more worth your money. if your going to get a nano.. just think... for $50 more you cud have gotten 10 times the gigabytes. and the ipod touch... you just pay more for a touch screen... Read More »

I pod touch - or nano - which is best?

I understand your situation and fully agree with the dilemma generally faced in such times. Advise: I would strongly advise you to buy the nano.Reason: Ipod touch is something like getting car wit... Read More »