Which is Better, a DVI Cable Hookup or HDMI Cable Hookup?

Answer On One Hand: DVI is CheaperBecause the DVI protocol is slightly older than its successor, HDMI, DVI cables can often be less expensive than HDMI cables, which tend to run about $10 more. This is th... Read More »

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Do all Xbox 360s have an HDMI cable hookup?

While most 2010 models of the Xbox 360 include an HDMI port, some older models lack this feature. The easiest way to know whether a new Xbox 360 includes a built-in HDMI output it to read the infor... Read More »

What is better for a TV hookup composite cable or component cable?

Component caries a better picture but you will need 2 extra cables for the audio.

How to Hookup an HDTV to Cable?

High Definition televisions (HDTV) provide a picture quality of over twice what a standard definition TV provides. In order to receive the improved picture quality though you do need to change a fe... Read More »

How to Hookup a Blu-Ray Player to a TV and Cable Box?

When connecting a VCR and cable box to the same television, it was possible to feed the cable signal through the VCR and to the TV. With Blu-ray players, this is not possible, requiring that you co... Read More »