Which internet browser is the best Which one are u using?

Answer Opera 9. Looks and works great! And it's free! For more details visit

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Which one is best internet browser?

This is generally the result of a slow or congested network connection than anything to do with your browser. However, if you want a fast broswer it is a question of what limitations you are willi... Read More »

Which Internet Browser do you regard as best - Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla or Netscape or someone else?

Firefox! If you want email Thunderbird

When you are on the Internet on your iPad 2 - where do you see which browser you are using?

It is the app that is running when you are browsing. On iOS device there is Safari pre-installed and you can install different browsers from the App Store.

Which is the best internet browser Is it IE 6,7, FireFox, Opera, SeaMonkey ?

flockfirefox is good as well never heard of SeaMonkey.