Which internet Wikipedia would be the best?

Answer all the best things are free and user madeyour friend doesnt really get Wikipedia either if he is dissing itits a great resource, yes anyone can edit it, but chances are your info is finepeople hav... Read More »

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I daily use internet banking, facebook, gmail etc, can you please suggest me which internet security is best?

Well my friend, there is no internet security that can protect you, they can only be an advisor at maximum. The chances of any protection program catching a particular threat is about 1 percent. Yo... Read More »

Which Internet Browser do you regard as best - Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla or Netscape or someone else?

Firefox! If you want email Thunderbird

If Wikipedia were a municipal landfill, which one would it be?

Fresh Kills Landfill on Staten Island, at one time the world's largest, now slated to eventually become Freshkills Park. By comparison, Wikipedia is the world's largest "information" dump, slated ... Read More »

Which demographic would advertising on Wikipedia be most effective on?

I would say 18 to 24 year olds with upper-middle to upper-class income levels. They are the ones who believe most what they read in Wikipedia, since their education has been ever tainted by it. A... Read More »