Which internationally renowned jeweler sold the Hope diamond?

Answer Famous jeweler Pierre Cartier bought the Hope diamond in 1909 and sold it to heiress Evalyn Walsh McLean in 1911. In 1949, another well known jeweler, Harry Winston, purchased the stone as part of ... Read More »

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How old is the Hope Diamond?

The Hope Diamond is approximately 342 years old. It began as a 112 3/16-carat gem sold to King Louis XIV of France in 1668. The diamond has been cut again several times over the centuries and is no... Read More »

Is the Hope Diamond a mineral?

The Hope Diamond is a mineral. All diamonds are minerals (defined as crystalline substances formed by geological processes). The Hope Diamond is a 45.52-carat blue diamond that is now in the care o... Read More »

Is the Hope Diamond protected?

The Hope Diamond, a 45.52 carat blue diamond, is well protected in a display case at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. The most recent owner, renowned jeweler Harry Wins... Read More »

Who owns the hope diamond?

The Hope Diamond has changed ownership many times. Jewelers, socialites, kings and mistresses have all claimed the stone for themselves throughout its history. The stone is currently owned by the S... Read More »