Which insurance agency offers the best coverage for the premium in Michigan?

Answer Answer My experience has been LIBERTY MUTUAL for complete Home/Auto, etc. policies. I check every 2-3 years all the major insurance carriers.

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Which insurance company offers full coverage for my 1966 mustang?

There are a variety of insurance companies which provide coverage for classic vehicles. Two of the bigger ones are Hagerty and Classic Car Insurance. They offer a wide variety of coverages. Keep in... Read More »

If your employer offers health insurance and you opt not to have it are they required to compensate you for the cost of a premium?

Answer No. Keep in mind that insurance coverage is very expensive and the employer, as a rule bears the largest amount.

How can you get car insurance coverage without paying full year premium after cancellation?

Answer They refund you the remainder of the premium not used for the year.

Can an employer in OH legally deny coverage for a spouse if the spouse's employer offers health insurance?

Answer YesFor more details visit