Which insects feed on palm trees?

Answer only spiders and a few types of olybergs

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What Are These White Insects on My Sago Palm Tree?

Sago palms are stately presences in the landscape. They can be grown indoors in pots or outdoors in temperate zones. Sago palms are not actually palms, but are cycads. These are ancient members of ... Read More »

How to Raise Insects for Chicken Feed?

Proper care is essential to healthy chickens, and insects can add needed protein and nutrients to the diet. Raising your own insects is a good way to ensure your chickens are getting high-quality i... Read More »

The Differences Between Palm Trees & Palmetto Trees?

While they are all members of the Arecaceae family, palmettos (Sabal adans.) and palms are not the same plants. Only a few palm trees such as the Everglades palm (Acoelorraphe wrightii), Florida si... Read More »

What else can I feed a Venus trapper and a Pitcher plant besides insects?

DON'T feed it hamburger meat; it's too fatty. It'll kill the plant.Actually, flytraps are supposed to be put through a dormancy in the winter. They don't need insects. I'm surprised no one has p... Read More »