Which icon give you access to the apple ibookstore?

Answer they have already been released

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What is a disk icon for Apple?

Every disk, file or application on your Mac is represented by an icon. The disk icon is the icon that represents your hard disk. Though you can change these icons, the default disk icon is represen... Read More »

What is a task bar icon error: access denied?

An "Access Denied" error occurs when a file or icon is in use (locked) or the user lacks administrative access to the operating system. Close the file or log into your computer from an administrato... Read More »

How to Type an Apple Icon on Mac Computer?

Have you ever seen anyone put the Apple Icon on their blog or when chatting? It is easy to do - here's how! 

IPhone crash and stuck on apple icon?

First of all you need to know whats version do you have in your device. After that watch some guide videos on you tube. Do not watch old videos because it wont be helpful or probably it's blocked. ... Read More »