Which iPod is coming out after the iPod chromatic and when?

Answer Well, after the nano chromatic (Nano 4th gen) the shuffle 3rd gen was released. It is speculated that the next iPod will be an iPod touch/ iPhone 3rd gen coming out late June or July. ~Griffin The... Read More »

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Which color iPod Nano-Chromatic should I get?

I like the red one out of all of those. The blue one is okay too. And if your not that girly and want something a bit plain, you could get the Silver ipod with the black scroll wheel.

Which iPod nano chromatic colour should I get?

Personally would choose the orange one, because orange is the color of our source of light, the sun, you said you liked bright colors, i would choose the orange one if i were you, Well anyways its ... Read More »

Which is better ipod nano chromatic or iPhone 3g?

Who invented the iPod Chromatic?

The iPod Chromatic design, used on the fourth-generation iPod Nano released in the fall of 2008, was created by the award-winning Apple Industrial Design Group led by Jonathan "Jony" Ive.References... Read More »