Which hot peppers speed up your metabolism best?

Answer Any variety of hot pepper will speed up metabolism, but research on metabolism and hot peppers seems to focus on cayenne peppers. Cayenne pepper is also often used in weight-loss supplements to hel... Read More »

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Which Hot Peppers Speed Up Your Metabolism?

Hot peppers, or chili peppers are found in the cuisine of many cultures. From spicy Mexican to smoldering Indian, Thai and Szechuan, chili peppers add heat to the food of the world. The health bene... Read More »

Which tea will help metabolism speed up?

On One Hand: Green Tea Speeds Up the MetabolismAccording to a study in "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition," green tea may speed up your metabolism. You may be able to increase your metabolism ... Read More »

Do vegetables speed up your metabolism?

The body's metabolism concerns the essential conversion of food into energy to maintain a healthy overall system. It is a chemical as well as a physical procedure, referred to as anabolism and cata... Read More »

Doesn't cinnamon speed your metabolism up ?

Indeed it does,and it`s a great spice for when you`ve reached a plateau in your weight loss regime...So spice it up Sugar!