Which hot drink you take more, Tea or coffee?

Answer i only drink Tea my friend.

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Poll<I> Do you drink more tea than coffee?

I could be considered a tea-aholic.....I drank tea in my baby bottle when I was about one because milk didn't agree with my tummy. Yesteryear didn't have all the special formulas etc. So tea especi... Read More »

Which is your favourite brand of coffee that you drink?

I am German,and i love the coffee "Gala Nr1.It is made out of coffee beans.It is just lovely,when you smell that perculatet coffee in the morning.Oh gosch...I try to put a link in now...http://www.... Read More »

Coffee Tea Hot Chocolate Milk Or Orange Juice Which is your Breakfast drink?

It depends on what I'm eating.If its scrambled eggs, orange juice.If it's pancakes, especically chocolate chip, it's 1% milk.If it's something small, like toast or a muffin, something hot, like cof... Read More »

I can't get drunk and I can't drink more because I feel like I'm throwing up if I drink one more drink...?

slow your drinking down! have slightly weaker drinks in alcoholic value. Mix your drinks, so you enjoy your drinking rather than necking shot after shot! hope this helps!