Which holiday has the best food,Christmas, Thanksgiving,Easter,or other?

Answer I would say Thanksgiving and Christmas. People bake and cook much more than any other time. So many pies, cakes, puddings cookies. Roasts, turkey, Prim Rib, veggies, the list goes on for miles !

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What dish at a holiday dinner or other family gathering has the best memories for you, and why?

Christmas Eve was ALWAYS Clam Chowder at Mom's...I've made it at my own home, and it just isn't the same. (The chowder's better, in fact, but it just isn't the same without the family gathered rou... Read More »

Which graphics card is best out of these Other suggestions?

don't look into anything under a fx5750 nvidia or a AMD 4000 thousand series. Sims is getting pretty graphical though! A radeon 5870 would take care of the problem or a gtx560ti edition.

Kindle/kobo/other device which is best for what I need?

Hi.. Basically you need the Kindle Fire instead.. Either the Simple version (2nd Gen) or the HD version. Both would do your work.Comments on Kindle Fire from an actual user, must read before gettin... Read More »

Which camcorder is the best - from sony, samsung, canon and any other?

Hi, I would recommend Sony, for just one reason that Sony Handycams have best features available and still are very simple to operate. Most camcorders that have very good technical features tend to... Read More »