Which holds better in wood: a screw or a nail?

Answer On One Hand: Screws Are Stronger Than NailsA screw holds wood together better than a nail because the threading of a screw provides a horizontal grip on the wood. Nails are driven down into wood an... Read More »

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Is It Better to Use a Nail or Screw to Hang Pictures & Things on the Wall?

When you hang pictures and art on your walls, you want to get it right the first time to reduce the number of holes that you leave in your walls. Whether a screw or a nail is the best fastener to u... Read More »

How to Make Climbing Holds out of Wood?

For those of you looking for simple but effective climbing holds, but are unwilling to pay big $$$$ for professionally built ones, this article teaches you how to build your own climbing holds out ... Read More »

The screw on my eyeglasses came out...(ultra tiny screw) anyone know of a tool small enough to screw it in?

Everyone is right...they sell little eyeglass repair kits at most drug stores. I've even seen them at the check-out at some grocery stores. Don't lose that screw though. The screws in those kits... Read More »

Who invented the wood screw?

The earliest screw-shaped tools became common in the first century. Historians are not sure who actually invented the first screws. These early screws were made from wood and were used for pressing... Read More »